VEB and the Grozny mayor's office transferred the housing sector on the blockchain


2018-07-26 19:30:07




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In February, the first Deputy Chairman of VTB Olga Dergunova positively the prospects of the blockchain. According to her, the technology will improve the speed of transactions and security standards.

To move from words to action the Corporation took almost six months now, the web has started in Grozny, two pilot project to implement a distributed registry in utilities. About it writes .


Hasservice on the blockchain now in Russia

The Project is implemented jointly with the municipality of the capital of Chechnya. It will save up to 20 percent of the city's budget for the administration sector, according to a press release of the Bank.

The Mayor of the city of Grozny, Ibrahim Zakiev, today announced the launch of two pilot automated systems for managing housing services and rental of municipal property. Thanks to the efforts of the Center blockchain competences and digital transformations VEB was created platform solutions for distributed registries that increase the transparency of accrual and write-off boards, utilities, fixing contractual obligations, to optimize the implementation of complex services for citizens.

The implementation Timeline of the project and other details were not disclosed. It is hoped that in Russia at last will be the first public service based on a distributed registry. And then close and widespread use of the blockchain and legalization of cryptocurrency.


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