Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian predicted the Bitcoin of 20 thousand dollars by the end of the year


2018-07-26 16:15:05




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In may, the Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian that by the end of the year will grow to 15 thousand dollars. The businessman added that the coin has more potential than other digital money, and its growth in the near time.

Now, the bullish mood of the businessman spread to the Bitcoin according to Ohanyan, the first cryptocurrency to the end of the year will rise to 20 thousand dollars. His words are quoted .


the exchange Rate of Bitcoin to the end of the year — analyst

According to Ohanian, Bitcoin is the best coin and one of the best proofs of the value of cryptocurrencies. In recent years, Bitcoin has shown itself as the best currency for the people seeking to circumvent the legal and political uncertainty, he added.

Many people think Bitcoin is extremely volatile, but the coin is growing — and this trend will continue in the long term. One of the reasons for lifting the coins were the efforts of developers who take steps to better scalability of the blockchain the first cryptocurrency.

Ohanian called cryptocurrency sign of change, but it does not call for the abandonment of Fiat currency. According to him, the digital assets may soon become a full alternative to cash, but no more. Let's see what happens. The people of Russia to enhance use of the crypts will have to wait until autumn.


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