Investor Barry Silbert: Bitcoin has already passed the bottom


2018-07-20 21:00:06




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In early April, investor and founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee that Bitcoin will bottom out in the second half of the month. According to him, the reason will be the term of payment of taxes in the United States. The prediction of the investor is not justified — the first cryptocurrency fell in may and June, and punching a mark in the 7 thousand dollars she managed only on July 18.

Now the founder and head of venture capital firm Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert said that Bitcoin has already passed the bottom this year, and now is the best time to buy coins. About it writes .


Where is the bottom of Bitcoin — analyst

During the conference Delivering Alpha Conference Silbert said that I bought the first bitcoin last week, because I believe in its prospects. In addition, he called Bitcoin a great investment opportunity.

This asset class will not disappear — at least in the medium term. I am one hundred percent sure that digital assets will live for a long time — unlike the Fiat.

At the same ceremony, the head of a startup Circle Jeremy Alley — the entrepreneur said that the blockchain will form the basis for future technological innovation.

Distributed registry will allow you to create a new infrastructure level of the Internet. It could even replace the operating system — it's not just about payment services.

Let's hope that Bitcoin was truly the bottom — and then a coin is only going to grow. Lamby aren't gonna buy themselves, obviously.


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