Bitcoin holds above 7 thousand dollars — what happens next? Expert opinion


2018-07-20 14:30:07




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Yesterday, the founder Foundstrat that Bitcoin can grow up to 10.5 thousand dollars in the near future. Such a conclusion he made after studying the 200-day moving average coins.

Meanwhile, the first cryptocurrency is approaching is designated the mark. The evening of 19 July, the coin for the first time since July 10 broke the mark of 7 thousand dollars, and is now trading at 7.37 thousands of dollars. This is evidenced by Coinmarketcap.


When Bitcoin will grow to 10 thousand dollars

However, other major coins fall — rate of the Air decreased by 4.4 percent to 452 dollars, XRP 6.1 percent to 0,0451 dollar.

Analysts are not too optimistic. In conversation with investment officer of the international network of professional investors in the digital assets CryptoLife Mansur Guseynov said that a short-term rise in the market.

After a long trade in a narrow range on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has grown by more than 10 percent for 1-2 hours on July 17. Since the beginning of the week Bitcoin gained around 1 thousand dollars and is now trading at 7.3 million dollars. Of course, such a sharp rise in adds of optimism, but it seems that it was a one-time situation when the market entered a large investor. The next resistance levels for Bitcoin — 7.3 thousand dollars and 8 thousand dollars.

The First of the resistance levels of the first cryptocurrency has already passed, now it's the turn of 8 thousand dollars. I hope that Bitcoin will it in the coming days. And even better watch.


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