As Bitcoin Gold mine. Instruction and features extraction BTG


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As Bitcoin Gold mine. Instruction and features extraction BTG

In late may, hackers Bitcoin Gold. "Attack 51" allowed the attackers to control the blockchain and spend the same coins twice. Thus their purse added 388200 coins BTG. Now describe how to obtain such an amount of money legally, but with the help of mining.


What is Bitcoin Gold

The"Golden" Bitcoin was the result of hard forks first cryptocurrency in October 2017. Its main goal is decentralization. About this including evidenced by the slogan .

Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again — we get something like trump, only in the world of coins. Developers then describe the advantages of cryptocurrency. To the list are resistant to ASIC miners, a fair distribution of the coins at the time of the fork, protected purses by using unique addresses and the transparency of the system.

When writing articles for BTG offered 36,29 dollar. Sounds scary, but this figure is minimal for all history of existence of the project. The maximum rate was observed during the launch of the network — then the coin cost 479 dollars.

The Market capitalization of Bitcoin Gold is 619 million dollars. The turnover is of 17.16 million coins, which guarantee the daily turnover at the level of 14.5 million dollars.


Where to buy Bitcoin Gold

Exchanges a lot. Official website of the project said about 36 active sites. Among them Bithumb, Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC and other giants.

This CoinMarketCap indicates the presence of a support 73 couples. The most popular of them — the exchange on BTC BTG on HitBTC. The equivalent of such operations exceeds $ 4.4 million.


the Prospects for Bitcoin Gold

The authors of the project hope to finish the introduction of the Lightning Network in the second quarter. To learn more about read .

A Little later, the programmers want to activate support for P2Pool decentralized mining pools, Schnorr Signatures and Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees. Schnorr Signatures allows private senders like banks or exchanges to sign one hundred transactions in one batch instead of sending hundreds of individual signatures in the blockchain. Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees enhances privacy and reduces the load on the blockchain.


Wallet for Bitcoin gold (BTG)

List of solutions for secure storage of coins BTG also peeks on the website. Total of ten. Of them you have probably heard about best wallet, Ledger and Coinomi.

If the amount is small, according to the tradition of risking it on the stock exchange. Pangs of conscience could save two — factor authentication- don't forget to activate it.


How to mine Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold refers to the algorithm Equihash. It turns out that for the extraction of the coin will approach the same hardware, which is triggered in the case of Hush, Bitcoin Private zcash for, Zclassic and others. We are talking about AMD and Nvidia graphics cards 3 GB of RAM and more.

Another option — ASIC-miners. Among the available models, remember Innosilicon ZMaster A9 and Z9 mini Antminer from Bitmain. Comparison of profitability models read .


Program for mining the Bitcoin Gold

Iron decided, now on to the software. For the production of downloadable miner Claymore or EWBF’s. Programs hidden in files. The password is 2miners.

There is Still DSTM, which is easy to configure yourself. Before you start be sure to change the wallet address in the file /EQUIHASH/AMD/btg-pool.bat or /EQUIHASH/NVIDIA/btg-pool.bat on their own. Otherwise coins will go into eternity, not into your pocket. For editing use Notepad, Word or any other text editors.


the Profitability of mining Bitcoin Gold

The answer to the question about the profitability provides the service . Choose from the list of coins and BTG entered, Hasrat 6000 sol/s. This result shows a farm of eight cards Nvidia 1080ti.

Without taking into account the power generated almost $ 15 per day. In the month amount at constant complexity will amount to 437 dollars.

If you have two, three or ten of similar farms, multiply the result by the corresponding number.


the Complexity of the production of BTG

The Difficulty adjusts the number of miners and time extraction unit. Varies every block. At the moment it is of 2.18 MS.


Bitcoin mining Gold. Solo or pool?

For resolved the unit will give a 12.5 BTG and the Commission. Translated at the current exchange rate received $ 450. A good amount, but count on it, with one farm not worth it. As tells to go in solo, you can at least 80 farms mentioned configuration.

To Get solo and together with other recommend . We have regular payouts, cool design and servers in different countries for minimal ping. In addition, there are a lot of other coins on Equihash and Ethash.


Conclusions. Answers to popular questions

Easy mine Bitcoin Gold using laptop?

Yes, but the question of profitability. The model with Nvidia 1080ti on Board without considering the energy costs will generate $ 1.8 per day. If the extra penny will not hurt, feel free to try. In another case, just invest in the farm and dig the coins Mature.

Can mine Bitcoin Gold on the same hardware, and Bitcoin?

No. Conventional Bitcoin mined only on ASIC miners for the SHA-256 algorithm. Although such devices for Bitcoin and Gold Equihash slightly, they are not suitable for first cryptocurrency.

What is heavier than mine — Gold Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The Ethereum — king of the altcoins. It is mined at least 10 million cards. At least this suggests that BTG digging much easier.

Also don't forget to read other articles for mining cryptocurrency. The site has a guide to mining, and .


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