As mine zcash for? Profitability and characteristics of production, ZEC


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As mine zcash for? Profitability and characteristics of production, ZEC

the Third of may Bitmain release Antminer Z9. ASIC miner works on Equihash, so theoretically suitable for the production of zcash for other coins of this algorithm. Today will tell about the peculiarities of mining ZEC on the cards. According to the tradition inside the information about the coin, links to purses, prospects of the project and description of mining.


What is the zcash for

zcash for — cryptocurrency of open-source, which ensures a high level of privacy. Secure transactions to hide the sender, the recipient and the transaction volume on the blockchain. To monitor participants ' translation is almost impossible.

the Developers make a funny analogy ZEC with BTC. If Bitcoin http in the world of money, zcash for — https with an extra layer of protection.

Coin appeared at the end of October 2016. It was then that her course was the peak and was 4293 dollar. Today coins give about $ 290.

market capitalization is 1,098 billion. The coin occupies the 26th place in CoinMarketCap and is trading at the equivalent of 54 million dollars every day. The turnover is more than 3,88 million coins ZEC.


Where to buy zcash for

at Least zcash for and anonymous, you can buy it without problems. Resources prompt 98 platforms on which the auctions ZEC. Their leader — Lbank. Through the exchange in recent days passed the $ 7.6 million in zcash for in exchange for bitcoins and 5.3 million — in exchange for ethers.


zcash for Prospects (ZEC)

In early March, the team of developers the first update (fork) network zcash for. Update is called Overwinter scheduled for June 25 this year. It will add the function of the expiry of transactions, protection from repeated operations and General improvements.

this Overwinter will be a platform to upgrade to the zcash for the Sapling. The last is scheduled for the end of 2018.


Purse zcash for

Keep the coins in small amounts on the exchanges. If you want extra confidence in the safety of funds, download the wallet.

Full list of programs, including those who work for zcash for Client available .


Equipment for mining zcash for

Dig zcash for using Nvidia cards. AMD will work, but will handle worse. Because zcash for refers to the algorithm Equihash, fit the same farms that produce Bitcoin to Gold, Bitcoin Private Zclassic and other such coins.


the Profitability of mining zcash for

to Estimate the possible yield of production of the desired coins on the tradition of service will help WhatToMine. For example, take 6000 sol/s, which will provide the farm of eight Nvidia 1080Ti.

as of the tenth of may such configuration provides about $ 22 a day. The monthly result — 655 bucks.


the Complexity of mining zcash for

the Complexity is an important parameter in the network. When the number of miners increases, the difficulty increases gradually. And Vice versa. It is necessary for the optimal residence time of the unit and ensure the stability of the network.

At the time of writing, the difficulty was 9,93 MS. Read more about index read .


mining zcash for. Claymore for ZEC

Today for a solved block to the network ZEC give 10 coins — more than 2900 dollars. The time unit is 2 minutes, 28 seconds.

Even if you have five farms 8 Nvidia 1080Ti each, they will find only one block per month. It is very small and most likely futile. To know the result for their character rigs to the desired coin get .

Go in solo recommend very large players. The rest of it is more logical to get the coin on the pool. Nvidia graphics card download latest version zcash for miner for AMD — good old GPU Miner.

a Customized. bat file for mining cryptocurrency download . The password for the archive — 2miners.

be Sure to change the wallet address in the file /EQUIHASH/AMD/zec-pool.bat or /EQUIHASH/NVIDIA/zec-pool.bat. Edit your data, you can use Notepad or any other text editor.


setup EWBF-miner for zcash for

@echo off
miner —server —port 1010 —user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID —pass x —eexit 3 —pec —fee 0
ping > nul
goto :restart

After running a bat file you can see something like that: the farm was connected to the pool and the miner EBFW work.


configuring DSTM miner for zcash for

Alternative EBFW miner for Nvidia cards is miner DSTM. What to choose — decide.

@echo off
zm —server —port 1010 —user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID —pass x

After running the bat file to see approximately the same thing. The farm was connected to the pool and the liner DSTM works.

Today, with the pool 2Miners mines 5000 miners at the same time, and the payment of millions of dollars.


Conclusions. A series of questions and answers

Profitable if mining zcash for (ZEC)?

Yes. Every 2.5 minutes, bitcoin miners can collect 10 coins ZEC, which is equivalent to 2900 dollars. Thus for h due to the zcash for farm owners richer 69 $ 600. A lot of money.

What is mine cryptocurrencies on the GPU?

In theory, any. The main thing — soberly assess their strength and not to rush into a single extraction with large enough capacity. Also pay attention to the graphics card. Nvidia better will show itself with an algorithm Equihash, and AMD — Ethash.

is it Possible to solo mine zcash for Windows 10?

Yes, but only subject to the availability of a huge number of farms. In the case of zcash for solo you can throw anywhere from 250-300 farms. The house is not put. Most likely, a positive answer can be given only dollar millionaires.

How to start mining zcash for?

Download. bat file, edit it and run. Before that you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet and download miner.

How zcash for mine with a Mac Pro?

No. Will have to sell it, to report the money and buy a normal mining farm.

don't forget to read other articles for mining cryptocurrency. The site has a guide to mining,, and .


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