Let there be growth: experts predict a rise in price of Bitcoin this week


2018-04-16 12:30:08




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Let there be growth: experts predict a rise in price of Bitcoin this week

For the past seven days Bitcoin has managed to rise and gain a foothold at a higher level. Except for a small 100 dollar subsidence, Friday course the coins do not fall below $ 8000. This is a good sign. Because of the current situation experts predict a further appreciation of the home currency.


Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

Predictions of the value of the cryptocurrency for a week according to the tradition shared by the experts, traders and analysts. Their statements of results . The first opinion shared by the analyst of "Alpari" Vladislav Antonov.

It Is believed that the rise of crypto-currencies with up to 6,941 8,087 thousand dollars was provoked by the news about the plans of the EU to create a European partnership in the field of blockchain. The news could be the trigger for BTC purchases, but the market buyers began to drop after the breakout of the resistance of 7.05 thousand dollars.

Experts attribute the growth rate with a tense situation in Syria. According to them, many investors are considering Bitcoin as a way to hedge risks, which in the future may be no less safe asset than gold.

Tokenbox Chief analyst and portfolio Manager The Fund Token Igor Doganov waiting for increase the rate.

During the week, we expect the growth of prices on the stock market. Maintaining the current level of demand it can help the market in an attempt to turn around. From the point of view of technical analysis a good signal confirmation of the trend change will be a consolidation of prices at the level of 9,3 thousand dollars and above.

Antonov added statement forecast.

After the rally above 7,705 thousand dollars in a pair of Bitcoin-the dollar has been rising correction, which may be delayed until the end of this week. For the week of 16 to 22 April, according to estimates of «Alpari», we can consider the strengthening of Bitcoin to the dollar to the range of 8,915-9,150 thousand dollars.

Professor of the Department of financial management of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov Constantine Ordov also notes a positive trend.

It Seems that we are at the beginning of the uptrend, where the immediate objectives in the area of 8.5 thousand dollars. With high probability we will slow down the level of 8.6-9 million dollars to investors in the cryptocurrency was able to take a breath, and come up with reasons for another HYIP. The second quarter of the last two years were the best for crypts and this year is not disappointing.

EToro Analyst Michael Mashchenko adheres to such opinion.

At this moment, the fate of Bitcoin: from the middle of last week quotes came up against the resistance 8,200 per coin, forming a classic «the bullish triangle», and after several attempts to overcome this mark left above. In addition, the quotes finally fully moved beyond the bearish channel, formed in December of last year, and the course is now open path to values of 8.6-9 thousand dollars.

This Mashchenko noted the presence of negativity in the news. We are talking about stopping the work of two cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and the theft of funds from Coinsecure.

In this connection, prices may return to a formed channel that is quite sad: in this case, very likely, we will witness a return to the lows. However, if new buyers are serious and not accidentally «hit» market-large bid, and prices will be fixed at new levels, then this will be a good tool for growth.

It Seems that the situation is getting better. Hodling once again lives up to the title of the best strategy on the stock market.

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