Experts: Bitcoin could continue to drop this week


2018-04-02 17:30:09




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Experts: Bitcoin could continue to drop this week

In the last weeks Bitcoin gradually rolled down. March 26 for a coin offered 8470 dollars, while today the rate was fixed just below $ 7,000. According to experts, in the coming days the situation may deteriorate.


Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

Analysts journalists asked . The first position was voiced by the head of Enigma and co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov.

Movement resembles snowball turns into an avalanche. Such a long decline in the value of Bitcoin provokes the miners to sell cryptocurrency to fulfill obligations, as well as those who decided to stay in long, but sells to save something. And add reduce closing longuich deals with the shoulder, which are closed by a margin Cola.

Senior analyst and portfolio Manager Token Fund Igor Doganov sees in a situation of "search of the second floor."

Significant rebound is not observed after panic sales recovery occurred at 500-700 dollars, and sales again continued. The amount of short positions with the expectation of falling prices again began to rise and are at maximum levels over the past 3 months. This means that many market participants expect further decline. However, the market tends to unfold unexpectedly and it was closing «short» could be one of the reasons for the sharp rebound of prices.

The Analyst of "Alpari" Vladislav Antonov said the negative news background.

Additional pressure on all cryptocurrencies came from news that Mr exchange. Exchange and the Tokyo GateWay withdrew application previously submitted for licenses of the financial services Agency (FSA). On Friday, March 30, people's Bank of China called cryptocurrency one of the risk factors for the stability of the yuan. The NBK intends to enhance the regulatory requirements for the industry of cryptocurrencies within the country and abroad.

The importance of news for a huge market.

News are now key drivers for the cryptocurrency. Investors on emotions to sell the coins, so does not work technical analysis. The price during the decline stopped at all the important price levels. When approaching around 6 thousand dollars, the buyers have growing concerns about further declines.

Igor Doganov allows a further reduction of rate.

The Fact remains that the medium-term trend remains to the downside. Of the stabilization of prices is possible only when you return Bitcoin than 7,5 thousand dollars.

Vladislav Antonov shared his predictions of the course.

If at the beginning of the week the clouds will not disperse, it will increase dramatically the risks to go under 6 thousand dollars. But if he will not stand, then the next support area, estimated at «Alpari», will deliver the levels of 4.1-4.5 thousand dollars on the Bitfinex exchange.

Professor of the Department of financial management, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Konstantin Ordov sees the chance of a decline to $ 6,000.

Movement in the downward channel promises a small fight over the psychologically important level of 7 thousand dollars, and then very likely stop at quotes closer to 6 thousand dollars. After the introduction of futures on the Bitcoin on the stock market prices began to reflect the dynamics of stock indices, which may eventually lead to a speculative bidding with bitcoin. Expect a less pronounced downward momentum and smooth recovery of interest in the cryptocurrency.

Igor Nurtdinov recommends that you keep the long position.

The Market is very volatile and sudden movements create the risk of errors speculator, how to get not on time and miss the opposite entry point. The right thing in such situations is to be in the position of the investor and keep his long-term position. The closest support level is the price of 6 thousand dollars per Bitcoin, which, perhaps, the market will not notice. But there can be pleasant surprises.

In the end, we are left to wait and hope to rectify the situation. The results of the forecast will verify in a week.

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