Uber and Lyft are bad. Let's find out why


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Uber and Lyft are bad. Let's find out why

It Is believed that Uber and destroy our world. For example, it became known that the students of the University of California in Los Angeles perform incredible 11 000 trips using the app to order a taxi every week, which begin and end within the boundaries of the campus. Turns out, apps such as Uber, Lyft, Via, and similar massively increase the number of trips in many of the most popular and convenient for Hiking trips.

In Addition, the increase in short journeys leads to traffic jams, the rising death toll on the roads, reduces the number of passengers on public transport and stuff. It becomes increasingly clear that Uber and Lyft have quite a detrimental effect on human health and the environment. Especially in the largest cities of the country.

Let's look at the full list of disadvantages of these applications.


the Number of trips is growing, is very much

It All happened after recent studies have identified negative effects from the work of Uber and Lyft.

Travel near the aforementioned University are an example of what is happening on a much larger scale: drivers and driving was more.

For example, in Seattle, Uber and Lyft cater to 90,000 trips per day. This is more than carry the day trams.

One study showed that in cities with the highest job approval Uber and Lyft are driving increased by about 3% compared with the cities with the lowest rates. This is a huge number of miles.

According to estimates by consultant on transportation Bruce Schaller, a taxi-based applications have added about 10 billion proteinrich kilometers in nine large cities, where they are used the most. Until the end of the year, according to Schaller, the number of passengers using taxis exceeds the number of passing buses in the United States.

But companies like Uber and Lyft promised to "liberate" the inhabitants of the cities, allowing them not to sell and not to buy the car at all. Among car owners allegedly decreased the number of people receiving higher average salary.

But research from the University of Chicago showed that the presence of Uber and Lyft in cities actually increases the registration of new cars. Because companies encourage people with low incomes to buy cars to use the new machines to work in Uber and similar companies.


half the time they drive aimlessly

For every kilometer that the car is Uber or Lyft rides with a passenger, he rides as many miles — if not more — without a passenger, that is nowhere, aimlessly, just because. Overall rating of this dead-end time varies from 30% to 60%.

The rules of Uber and Lyft exacerbate the situation, encouraging drivers constantly circling to reduce waiting time for customers.


They work in the areas of urban transport

Transit systems across the country are losing passengers because Uber and Lyft, which shows that companies are in fact struggling with urban transport systems. And all because they have to work in areas that are well covered urban networks. There you can walk and walk and tram ride.

Thus, according to analysts, traditional taxi services serve more trips in suburban and rural areas. Who use Uber and Lyft when you can walk? The answer will not surprise you: the rich and young.


Bicycle, pedestrian paths, public transport are replaced by Uber and Lyft

In a perfect world, Uber and Lyft would be able to fulfill its promises and to reduce private car ownership, because residents of cities would feel more comfortable if would sell their cars and move on cheap taxi services.

But the data show that Uber and Lyft for the most part "free" people from the city walks and city transport.

The Poll of 944 passengers, Uber and Lyft, held a Council of urban planning in Boston last year showed that 42% of passengers would be boarded for public transport if the services were not available. Another 12% said they would go by bike or walked. Another 5% in General anywhere would not go. And only 17% would say that would appear on their own car. (The rest would use traditional taxi).


They are harmful to urban transport

Uber and Lyft are destroying the urban transport in the United States. For example, travel on buses in San Francisco has decreased by 12% from 2010. And every year, the effect grows.

But every man who refuses the bus or subway for Uber and Lyft, adds to traffic congestion and air emissions. Even in cities that invested heavily in urban transport — the same Seattle — passenger transport in Uber and Lyft have long since surpassed transit.


They increase the number of traffic fatalities

In the study, University of Chicago, which was mentioned earlier, it is estimated that last year Uber and Lyft have increased the number of road deaths to 1,100 people, a huge human sacrifice. The research also unexpectedly showed that Uber and Lyft will not affect driving under the influence.

In addition, Uber and Lyft do not train their drivers safety.


They did not disclose the data

This list has one drawback: most of the information that we received about Uber and Lyft, are imperfect. The two companies make it difficult to study the social consequences of their activities, because jealously guarding their data. A study conducted on the subject of activity of the companies they accuse of "deep fallacy".

What do you think, without Uber we would have been better orworse? We will be interested to read your comment .


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