Volvo showed an unmanned electric truck without cab


2018-09-14 00:15:05




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Self-driving cars are becoming more common. And it concerns not only passenger cars and large trucks. And recently, one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world, carmaker Volvo introduced its long-range vision of freight cars of the future.

The Concept has received the name of Vera. Despite the fact that most of the work on the project is completed, the truck is still being finalized and the Volvo is not ready to give even the approximate date of receipt of the car. However, the plan to market the Corporation: at the start Verа will be used in a limited range of locations such as ports, storage centres and so forth, without having to travel on busy highways. This is done, of course, to debug the technology. As stated by Volvo technical Director Lars Stenqvist

"of Course, in the near future, truckers will lose their jobs and will be expected to manage their machines. Over time, however, Autonomous cargo transport will become increasingly in demand. And very soon we will see it within the restricted zones for testing."

With regard to the characteristics of the truck, he is able to pull up to 32 tonnes of cargo and is compatible with all known standard types of trailers. The battery life of the truck at the moment are not reported, because the figure may change in the future. However, during the presentation of Vera entered the fenced area without assistance, after which visitors were allowed to approach and examine it in more detail.

"Autonomous unmanned trucks will be allowed to work around the clock, which is very profitable for many companies. This will optimize the turnover and potentially reduce delivery time, increasing productivity. This new Autonomous technologies will increase the demand for highly skilled drivers, because routine tasks take over the autopilot, and the man will do more complex things. When necessary, Autonomous vehicles can be controlled remotely."

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