Mercedes-Benz has introduced the concept of a modular car of the future


2018-09-11 22:00:05




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The Company Mercedes-Benz presented a concept of the city car of the future Vision Urbanetic. All-electric UAV has a very interesting feature – it is modular. In other words, it allows you to change the body type, adapting a vehicle for different needs – the transportation of passengers or goods.

Vision Urbanetic is a platform with two replaceable modules. Thanks to the first car turns into a minivan and can accommodate 12 people. Thanks to the second module replaces the role of the electric car on the truck. According to representatives of the company, the replacement of the modules takes less than two minutes.

The Concept was developed by taking into account the use in a very densely populated urban environment. Vision Urbanetic envisages an increase of passenger traffic and quantity of the goods transported without altering the current infrastructure and without the use of additional transport.

In the Mercedes I believe that in the future electric cars will be combined into a single it system. According to the concept, in addition to the unmanned mode will be the mode of the remote manual control by the operator. Urbanetic Vision equipped AI computing platform that can learn. Due to this, in particular, the car is capable of in real-time to assess the workload of expensive and seek ways to best avoid traffic jams.

This technical equipment of the concept does not end there. The company noted that the car is able to "communicate" with pedestrians and other road users. To do this, the front and sides of car with large digital displays that can display various information, for example, that the car sees them.

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