Tesla chief engineer returns to Apple. Espionage or just good conditions?


2018-08-10 14:30:05




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Doug field, former Vice President of hardware Mac, who left Apple to become chief engineer of Tesla and collect the company's electric vehicles, returned to Cupertino. Apple confirmed the news, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who also reported that fielder is now working on a secret project — Project Titan — in which a program self-driving cars.

The field was posted in Tesla for the production and engineering, but the CEO of the company took responsibility for the production of this year, when the company was unable to fulfil his initial goal in the first quarter for Model 3. In may, field went on vacation, and in June left the company.


will the Apple competitor to Tesla?

It is Reported that Project Titan was considerably on the wane in comparison with the original scale of the plans — hundreds of people leaving the unit. Apple is also looking for partners-manufacturers for its software. Gruber believes that the return field in the Apple could mean that Apple is still interested in manufacturing cars. Between the two companies regularly exchange staff.


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