Waymo showed how robomobile "see" the world around us


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Waymo showed how robomobile

In order to robomobile become an integral part of our daily lives, they not only need to work on. You must make sure that the people learned to trust them. With the conventional machine is more or less clear: at the wheel sits the driver, which a few months was taught to steer, press the pedals and navigate the city on road signs. And until he started to do it perfectly, nobody will be allowed to drive around the city. But in the machines Waymo no drivers. Cars drive themselves, which is very alarming. To acquaint people with how unmanned vehicles «see» the world, the company Waymo involved in the development of unmanned technology Autonomous cars, has shared a new video that demonstrates the principle of operation of the autopilot.

Panoramic video published on YouTube by the developers, allows us to consider in detail the many nuances: to see how the lidar, radar and camera car, collecting the necessary information to the autopilot. Main «hero» videos — one of the hybrid minivans, where developers Waymo test their drone technology. The company invites the audience «ride» along with Pacifica Hybrid to look at the world of his own «eyes».

Waymo is developing automated driving technologies for more than five years. During this time, the autopilot, developed by specialists of the company, in total, traveled over eight million miles and continue to train daily driving as real miles on the roads of different cities, and «reeling» huge distances on a special simulator, learning safe driving on public roads. Apparently, now the developers are confident enough in themselves and their offspring, just decided to show his work inside.

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