Unmanned vehicles will solve the congestion problem by 2030


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Unmanned vehicles will solve the congestion problem by 2030

Imagine a future where , buses and even trains will move exclusively under the control of artificial intelligence. They are imperceptible to humans to communicate with each other, to share important information about the traffic conditions for various roads that will once and for all to forget about such phenomenon as traffic jams. And all this must happen by 2030. At least so says Swedish expert and teacher organizations Drive Sweden Katarina Elmsater-Svard.

Katarina Elmsater-Svard like no other, knowledgeable about the current state of the transport system in the country. Indeed, from 2010 to 2014 she held the position of Minister of infrastructure of Sweden. In a recent interview, Katherine shared with journalists his point of view on how she sees the future. And the future is rather optimistic, if you believe her. She believes that by 2030, many residents will abandon their cars and simply will order to get from one point to another. The new platform will be ultra-low-cost, thanks to the careful calculation of the route and shared rides with multiple passengers at the same time.

And this is only a small part of how to modify our perception of transport. Existing usual methods of transportation like public buses or trains will be unmanned. Artificial intelligence once and for all solve the problem of traffic congestion by excluding from the equation the human factor and minimizing the probability of accidents on the roads. Among other things, the transport of the future must become less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly. The fleets, from the point of view of Catherine, should be a green zone, which again will make city's air clean and harmless to human health.

Katherine also suggested that in the future we will all use a single universal mobile application that will calculate our route for us, taking into account the location nearest transport, distance and time required to get from point A to point B. Given that the transport will be fully automated, the accuracy of such application will be almost perfect and you never will not be late. This same application can be used to order drone taxi or to rent a city bike (in Sweden today are actively promoting commuting by bike), if you want to pedal.

One of the main problems on the way to this cloudless future, the expert believes an innate fear of people in front of new technologies. While some simply don't trust all this artificial intelligence and autopilot. And the issue with hackers is still open – what if someone hacks the autopilot and crash it? Many are concerned about the fact that the mobile application will transmit the exact location of a person higher authorities, and it is an invasion of their privacy. Katherine insists that political leaders it is time to think seriously about what will happen with transport in a few years. The number of cars is growing at an impressive pace, and if you do not intervene now, then soon on the roads is simply not overcrowded.

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