Elon Musk: Tesla drone itself will travel across America


2018-02-08 19:00:03




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Elon Musk: Tesla drone itself will travel across America

Send Tesla in unmanned trip across America Elon Musk has conceived in the last year. However, many other challenges facing the company, not made in time. But now, writes Techcrunch, with reference to the head of Tesla, this ambitious idea is not far off. The level of intelligence of the autopilot, which will allow the automobile to carry out this plan, will be reached in the next three months. In the worst case, according to the Mask, it will take six months.

Musk noted that in the near future the developers will introduce a test version of the autopilot, which for successful operation do not require the presence of the driver behind the wheel. The training program will take another three to six months, after which the journey can begin.

Musk noted that the current goal of the developers — to make a truly safe and effective autopilot, capable to operate the machine thanks to the outstanding AI and other technologies created within the company. Thanks drone trip through the entire United States of America the Musk intends to confirm his autumn statement that Tesla creates a «best in world» autopilot for cars. The trip, according to him, it was possible to organize in the past year, writing a lot of code, to prepare and furnish it as it should, but in this case it would be a useless PR campaign that has nothing to do with the real situation. Now preparing a pilot, able to make decisions without the driver even on long trips.

This is Musk announced at the next meeting dedicated to the financial success of the company, which, unfortunately, do not look as impressive as the ambitious undertaking of the head of the carmaker.


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