Yandex.Taxi teams up with Uber


2018-02-08 12:00:03




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Yandex.Taxi teams up with Uber

I'm Sure almost everyone of us use different apps to call a taxi. It is quick, convenient, and often more profitable. Every such service provides its services, and each user chooses what suits him. But, as it became known, 2 the largest player in the passenger transport market in the face of domestic Yandex.Taxi and its foreign competitor Uber decided to join.

The Deal applies to services online ordering on the territory of the Russian Federation and some CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan). The new combined company will be headed by former CEO of Yandex.Taxi Tigran khudaverdyan, and the Board of Directors will include 4 members from the company «Yandex» and 3 people from Uber. Moreover, the merger of the domestic search giant invested 100 million U.S. dollars, while Uber — 225 million. The cost of the new company is estimated at $ 3.8 billion, and the shares were distributed as follows: 59.3% of newly formed company owned by «Yandex», and Uber got 36.9 per cent. Employees belong to 3.8%. And if you've used one or another platform, experience is not necessary. According to representatives of the company,

"After the transaction both the application for booking trips, as Yandex.Taxi and Uber will still be available to users. Services will not change substantially. At the same time, the taxis and the drivers will move to a single platform, which will significantly increase the number of available vehicles and as a whole will benefit from each service. In addition, the deal included the delivery service UberEATS food".


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