Chinese developers experienced passenger, air taxis


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Chinese developers experienced passenger, air taxis

Representatives of the Chinese startup has posted a video demonstration of a flight passenger quadcopter Ehang 184. It is reported that unit has already made over a thousand flights in various environment, load, passengers and without. The company is planning to conduct a series of tests, then starts Lata taxi as a service to Chinese cities.

Ehang Representatives explained that more than a thousand flights of their aircraft made in just the past few months, rising the height of three hundred metres with a payload of 230 kilograms. The developers say that the device is already flying at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour and can travel a distance of 15 kilometers in any weather, including fog, heat and strong wind.

While the machine is capable of carrying up to two people, one of whom drives a vehicle, but in the future the developers are going to need a pilot, instructing all its functions specifically created for this program, which will be on their own to avoid obstacles, recognize objects and suitable for the landing and takeoff space.

Later the startup plans to launch service transportation of passengers in large cities and in the near future will show the capabilities of its passenger quadcopter at World Government Summit in Dubai. The creation of large aircraft company is not limited, while preferring to make money on the production and sale of small aircraft for radio control, designed for aerial photography and other entertainment.


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