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Warner Bros. considering the possibility of restarting the cult sci-Fi trilogy "the Matrix". However, according to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the final decision on this matter is still pending. The company is under negotiation and is currently communicating with screenwriter Zak Penn who was engaged in such films as "Last action hero" (1993), "X-Men 2" (2003), "X-Men: the Last stand" (2006), "the Avengers" (2012), "the First player to get ready" (2018).

The main role is considered a dark-skinned actor Michael Bakari Jordan (Michael Bakari Jordan), the last of which was the role of Adonis creed ("creed", 2015) and johnny Storm (frankly unsuccessful restart of Fantastic four, also held in 2015). However, the participation of sisters Wachowski, out of men's one more time of the hands that came out of the original trilogy "the Matrix", are not yet known.

It is possible that the new "Matrix" will not become a full-fledged remake. A new film could follow the example of the film company Lucasfilm and its franchises "Star wars", where the known universe is often divided into many side stories. But again, all this is at the level of assumptions. The same edition of The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the new film might focus on stories about the hacker Morpheus, who first learned of the existence of the Matrix. A similar option is possible with the Trinity.

A Couple of weeks ago Keanu Reeves, the actor who played the main character, the hacker Neo, in the original trilogy, casually commented the possibility of his return to the franchise "the Matrix", but under certain conditions.

"a New film from the Wachowski should do, said Reeves in an interview with Yahoo Movies. — They will have to write him a script and personally to sit down in the chair Directors. In that case, I'll agree. Yeah, maybe it sounds strange, but I would try. Why not? People die, and history will remain forever. Like the heroes in these stories."

Three original films – "the Matrix" (1999), "the Matrix Reloaded" (2003) and "the Matrix revolutions" (2003) – collected in total worldwide box office at more than $ 1.6 billion.


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