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Dreaming about a career in IT but don't know where to start? Then you to us, waiting for you on March 25 ! All you need is to register and be online at 10:00 Moscow time, the broadcast is available all over Russia. Or come to the office Mail.ru Group, to see with their own eyes.

This year GeekDay dedicated to those who are just starting to find herself in the vastness of IT, namely:

  • Motivated and interested in their development geeks.
  • the
  • Interested in IT-sphere specialists and future startups.
  • the
  • for Those who are tired from work and wants to change the profile.
  • the
  • anyone who understands that the future of IT, and wants to be in the subject.

This is about you? Fine, then cancel all plans for March 25, and be with us – not a bad teach, we have good company! By the way, about the company: GeekDay Evolution've organized the best of the best:


Mail.ru Group

The Largest technology company in Russia, which is owned by Russian social network — Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World, two leading instant messenger — Agent Mail.Ru and ICQ, one of the largest in Runet portals, and many of your favorite online games.



IT Educational portal with 1.5 million users, where novice programmers, web designers and marketers acquire the skills and begin to build a career. Six years GeekBrains taught ~50 000 students, many of whom are using internal internship work in the specialty.

You can already feel the scale of the event?

From 10 am to 6 PM waiting for you workshops, consultations with leading industry experts and a lot of communication.

You can:

  • to Learn about the opportunities in the IT field.
  • the
  • to Define a suitable direction.
  • the
  • to Try yourself in your chosen profession.
  • the
  • to Obtain recommendations for further development.
  • the
  • to Look at the prospects of your career and to understand in which direction to develop.

Find out the truth about career and professional development in the IT and choose your path! Waiting for you Mar 25, registration has already begun .

Welcome to the IT crowd and build your career wisely!


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