will be giving out the equipment for autopilots for free in exchange for data


2017-03-14 21:00:04




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Hacker George Hotz, spit it on your project universal autopilots suitable for any car, has decided to re-do business and have done small boards called Panda with universal connectors that are suitable for almost all cars manufactured after 1996. Fees to collect about users as much as possible the data that will be useful for future developments of the company. The equipment provides a vehicle relative autonomy, because through the ODB2 connector it can even send signals to the gas and brake pedals.

Data Collection company will not stop there and offers a variety of paid services, among which is the ads, which by default will be transmitted through the equipment Hotz believes that this model will be able to become successful in the future. It is much more profitable to distribute such equipment for free, while having access to some systems — so the developers will have the opportunity to have a guaranteed income from advertising.

At the end of last year, the company launched the app Chffr, the most active users will receive bonus points and will eventually get the opportunity to redeem on their own fee Panda, which has the processor, wifi module and a charging connector for smartphones.


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