The company Bigelow Aerospace will launch a space module offline by 2020


2017-03-14 19:00:05




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Head of Bigelow Aerospace in a recent interview with portal shared their plans for the future of the company and spoke about the role of space stations in orbit of the moon, noting their key role in the development of the satellite.

The Engineers at Bigelow Aerospace have already developed several prototypes of inflatable modules, two of them were running the company ten years ago, and last year, an inflatable habitation module BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) created by its specialists became part of the ISS.

This company is not going to stop, so by 2020 in conjunction with the United Launch Alliance plans to develop a new residential module BA-330 and send it into orbit as an independent private stations. The founder of Bigelow Aerospace stressed that the new module will be approximately three times larger than any of the existing blocks of the ISS.

«In the future — he explained, — it would be possible to use such modules to be placed on the lunar orbit where they would be useful for refueling and accommodation of astronauts, but now it is an issue with financing».

If the US government will hold on to his initiative, the work in this direction will start to be very soon.


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