In Switzerland, created the first edible robot


2017-03-14 17:00:06




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A Group of scientists from the Laboratory of intelligent systems of Federal Polytechnical school of Lausanne in Switzerland, designed a drive, is made of edible materials. This drive was used to create the robot caterpillar with a length of 9 inches. Such a robot can easily move through the gastrointestinal tract of humans performing diagnostics or drug delivery.

The robot Body of the caterpillar consists of gelatin and glycerin and is arranged as follows: in located somewhat separated from each other cavities, which in turn is injected with compressed air. If you change the pressure in different cavities being displaced relative to each other, and the robot body squirms like a caterpillar. Due to the rhythmic change of pressure, edible the robot caterpillar is able to move, and while filling with air cavities, the robot acquires the structure, which can hold various items.

As mentioned above, the robot can be used in medical practice for targeted drug delivery and diagnostics, although the developers have found a few features that a small robotic mechanism would be able to perform: due to the small size and the possibility of remote control, with «edible caterpillars» is possible to examine the blockages resulting from various emergency situations, and carry out search for survivors. Moreover, if the robot to increase in size, it may be for the affected source of food or water enclosed in the cells of the body mechanism. But that's not all: thanks to its «shopping», on the basis of such mechanisms can be created Autonomous robots, feeding off its own body, which will act as an energy source.


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