Roscosmos has announced the recruitment of astronauts who will fly to the moon aboard the "Federation"


2017-03-14 15:00:13




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Today, March 14, Roscosmos began the selection of candidates in cosmonauts, writes TASS. They will fly to the moon. The squad will be selected citizens of the Russian Federation under 35 years of age, applicants must have a University degree in engineering, scientific, or flight specialties and have experience. (An astronaut?)

In the message space Corporation says that the winners will become the first pilot of the new ship "Federation", which is still in the development stage, and the first of the Russians will go to the moon (manned mission, according to the latest information it is planned in 2030-ies).

"On the way we create new tools orbital perspective of the ship «Federation» we need to begin to train astronauts to him. The set begins today, will continue until the end of the year. At the end of December will be summed up. The amount which is necessary to recruit six to eight people," — announced in Moscow on a press-conference devoted to the beginning of the selection candidates, the first Deputy head of the state Corporation Alexander Ivanov.

As explained in a press-service of Roscosmos, selected specialists for the first time will fly on the new spaceship «Federation» and will be the first Russians who will go to the moon.

"the Goal is to select the best professionals who, possessing the skills of working with aerospace and/or aircraft, will become the first pilots of the new Russian spacecraft «Federation», will work on the International space station (ISS) and will be the first Russians who will fly to the moon."

The Contestants will undergo several stages — selection on education and professional abilities, a complex of medical examinations, assessment of psychological qualities, testing for physical fitness. The squad will be selected citizens of the Russian Federation under 35 years of age, applicants must have a University degree in engineering, scientific, or flight specialties and have experience. "The priority in selection is given to people with experience in aviation and rocket-space industry of the Russian Federation", — said the press service.

Applicants must have the ability to study space technology, to be able to work with computers and know English. A full list of requirements can be found on the website of Roscosmos and cosmonaut training Center.

In turn, Deputy head of the cosmonaut training Center Yuri Malenchenko reported that at reception of documents is given only for four months, after which work will begin with the candidates.

In previous times set in the squad announced in 2012. Then was the first time held an open competition. Earlier, the astronauts took only the military pilots and engineers in the space industry.

Looking forward to details about the "Federation." Will he look like this?


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