Google has figured out how to make reCAPTCHA invisible


2017-03-14 15:00:06




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To Be a robot in our days is becoming increasingly difficult. The ingenious developers of websites and web services to create more sophisticated checks on the activities of bots in the Network. If before we were forced to introduce a ridiculous phrase with pictures, and then just put a tick next to the phrase , now so called "captcha" would be altogether invisible to the user. While its effectiveness against all kinds of bots does not suffer.

Google officially announced a new generation of service that will sort the users of the Internet on people and robots without any additional action by the user. Updated technology is widely uses machine learning, so we can safely say that some machines will calculate and catch others. Based on the analysis of user behavior in the process of surfing Internet, artificial intelligence will make the decision a person or just a clever algorithm.

CAPTHA Services and reCAPTCHA is very important for network developers. They protect the sites from the influx of bots, ready to drown them in spam, and generally make the lives of Internet users much easier. Well, let's hope that the updated technology will really go the Internet is very good.


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