NASA is experiencing in the Chilean desert instruments to search for life on Mars


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NASA is experiencing in the Chilean desert instruments to search for life on Mars

In 2020 the assigned sending another space Agency NASA to the red planet. Once again, scientists will try to discover on Mars is at least one sign of life that once existed on this planet. Rover called should work like a clock, so the engineers Agency spend months in careful preparation for his important mission. For example, right now they are experiencing it in the conditions of the Chilean Atacama desert, where the Rover takes soil samples and analyzes them.

The Research program is called Atacama Astrobiology Drilling Studies (ARADS), and this is the second test of the Rover in terms of earth's deserts. The first was successfully completed in February last year. Current testing includes the use of three new instruments that will be used in the study of Mars. The first tool is a Wet Chemistry Laboratory. The mobile laboratory was used in 2007 in the framework of the Mars mission Phoenix.

The Second device is a Life Detector, which after last year's tests has been significantly enhanced with the participation of specialists of the Spanish center for astrobiology. The device is able to search for biological components in the soil sample using various biochemical tests. The third tool is called Microfluidic Life Analyzer, and in the field it is applied for the first time. Developed it in the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in order to extract the amino acids (the basic building blocks of life) out of tiny volumes of liquid.

If you believe the official statements of representatives of NASA, the Rover has proved itself from the best side. New research instruments and the Rover's robotic arm worked in the desert is just perfect. To 2019 will be followed by two planned test KREX-2 and number of appliances. While preparing for a Mars mission is going according to plan.



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