In China opened to tourists, the largest radio telescope in the world


2017-03-13 12:00:05




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As reported by the news Agency «Xinhua», in Guizhou province, in southwest China, opened its doors to all comers, the world's largest radio telescope, the Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST or abbreviated). It is noteworthy that the residents and visitors to China can visit this place almost for free: you will have to spend money only for a ticket on the bus.

FAST was launched in September 2016, and plans to establishment was launched in 1994. The area of the telescope is equal to 1.6 kilometers with a diameter of 500 meters, which is roughly equivalent to 30 football fields. For the construction of the world's largest radio telescope spent about 180 million U.S. dollars. During the time elapsed since the launch, carried out all the necessary tests and equipment settings. Now, after opening for visitors, within a radius of five kilometers around the telescope created the so-called «silence» for the smooth operation of the instrument telescope. In this area blocked any signals from all telecommunication devices. In addition, before the entrance to the observation deck, visitors are required to Deposit your mobile phones, digital cameras, smart wristbands, tablets, laptops and other electronics. In order not to remain without means of communication on site, then installed several telephone booths from which free to call the internal number of the PRC.

According to a press release, the daily telescope can visit only two thousand people, and the only paid service – trips on a special bus and a visit to the astronomical Museum — will manage to visitors in 50 yuan (about 7 dollars). This price includes not only a tour of the complex, but a visit to the astronomical Museum and other attractions radio telescope FAST.

materials of agencies of RIA «news»


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