Siemens printed on a 3D printer detail for nuclear power plants


2017-03-11 13:30:04




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The world's First accessory designed for nuclear power station, printed and installed by Siemens in Slovenia. Now at NPP krško has a fully functional impeller firefighting pump, created using 3D printing technology.

The Old part was installed at the station in 1981, so the need for its replacement was long overdue, but it was pretty difficult, because the manufacturer's original parts no longer exist. Therefore, the Siemens engineers have produced a three-dimensional virtual copy, which is then printed at one of its factories. After the impeller has produced, his few months was tested to verify its suitability before installation. The results are impressive, after all, printed detail on their properties has surpassed the original.

Siemens has launched a plant additive printing in 2009. Since then, his line went down a lot of useful products. Last year, for example, there are printed parts for gas turbines, which were then mounted on a Czech power plant.


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