The U.S. military has created a stretchy material for armor, which can be patched with iron


2017-03-10 20:00:05




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Scientists from the naval laboratory in the US have created a new material for armor, which is different from all the other easily and ballistic characteristics. The thermoplastic polymer hardens the force of the blows, but after that it again can be returned to its original state. Bulletproof vests made from this material, it will be possible to repair literally on the go, using the means at hand.

Dr. Mike Roland, an employee of the naval laboratory, explained that the edges of the damaged portion of the plate is easily fused, restoring the structure of body armor or other pieces made from this material. It is sufficient only to heat the damaged area to about a hundred degrees Celsius with the help of some hot object. Iron, for example. After the above-described procedure, the polymer again becomes solid and soft.

The Website that to the touch the material is like rubber, apparently he's not too different, but its properties allow to use the design to create a lightweight, transparent and flexible armor whose properties did not deteriorate even after multiple hits from bullets. If you look carefully, in the picture above you see a piece of new material photographed by the staff of the laboratory.


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