The concept of hybrid car and quadrocopter for use in urban environments


2017-03-10 19:00:05




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Back in the eighties Robert Zemeckis in the second part of the famous film «Back to the future» presented its vision 2015 quite futuristic: with holograms, samozashnurovyvayuschihsya shoes, flying skateboards and cars. It's the year 2017 and we still travel the old fashioned way. But recently, a well-known company Airbus presented the concept of hybrid personal futuristic flying vehicle called Pop.Up.

The Main feature of this car, unlike other similar projects, is that Pop.Up easily transformirovalsya from car to aircraft and back, selecting under control of artificial intelligence systems with optimal movement, guaranteeing a minimum time of arrival at the endpoint.

Pop.Up consists of three basic components: the first, of course, is the passenger cabin, about the size as such at the miniature small cars. Campaign Airbus calls this a cabin passenger capsule. In addition, it can be installed on self-propelled chassis that transformerait it in the self-driving car is a robot. In the case of difficulty on the road, the passenger capsule can pick up a quadcopter, which, by delivering it to the destination, again put on a car platform. Moreover, during the movement both on the ground and through the air, several platforms Pop.Up can join in the car - or even a flying train.

In Addition to experts Airbus, in developing the concept Pop.Up was represented by a group of designers from the Italian design company Italdesign, which cooperates with the giants of automobile industry like Volkswagen, BMW and Alfa Romeo.



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