Medical device-diagnostics WellPoint will be able to replace nurses


2017-03-09 20:00:05




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The Belgian company BeWell has created a device that allows the patient to undergo an initial medical examination before the doctor's appointment. While the man sitting in the queue, he could spend the time more usefully. Viewing logs and looking at the ceiling in the hallway did not help the doctor, but the measurement of pressure, pulse and weight, on the contrary, will relieve medical personnel from having to perform these routine tasks, allowing focus on more important things.

The WellPoint Kiosk is a fully self-contained, so all you do, he does without assistance. Measurements it also performs quickly. All it takes is about three minutes, while the nurse requires more time. To pass the examination, you need to sit down around the stand and show him your medical ID card, then stick your hand in the pressure meter and activate the device.

Developers have reported that in the future, WellPoint will be able to take blood tests and will learn to measure her sugar levels. Annual maintenance of one such kiosk will cost a medical facility about eight thousand dollars.


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