Smart tattoo with electrodes. Step towards the robotics of a person or a fad?


2017-03-09 18:00:05




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Seem like a smart tattoo in the next few years will become, if not commonplace, like smart watches, it is certainly a very popular trend in the field of IT. Recently we wrote that in Japan , and now appeared the information that the company Chaotic Moon is developing a smart tattoo with electrodes called Tech Tats.

Tech Tats Tattoo applied to the skin in the following way: first, the future site of the tattoo installed a microcontroller and a few led indicators. Then on top of all of this is applied a layer of conductive paint, and the data transmitted to any electronic device via wireless technologies. The shape, size and color pattern can be very diverse. Tech Tats are now able to measure human pressure and the temperature of his body, but representatives of the firm Chaotic Moon plan in the future to significantly extend the functionality of your invention. Programmers plan to provide a tattoo features recognition different conditions of the body: stress, fear, heart rate and so on.

Developers Tech Tats called his invention «fashionable and useful accessory» and I hope that in the future, the tattoo will be able to partially replace smartphones, helping to track the location of a lost little children, used as controls of various devices and even as a microphone when applied to the man's throat. To learn more about new technology by using the video below.



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