IBM creates a cloud service on the basis of a quantum computer


2017-03-09 17:00:04




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At the moment, with the increase in computing increasing emphasis developers make for the creation of quantum computers. But even given the fact that today we can generate some such systems, their use and maintenance are extremely costly and not everyone can afford it. To help decided to come IBM, which plans to launch a service cloud computing based on universal quantum computing system called IBM Q, rent which will be available to anyone.

Cloud service IBM Q is built on the basis of the other development IBM named Quantum Experience, which at the moment is an experimental quantum computer with five qubits, but the developers intend to increase the number of qubits at least 10 times. It is worth Recalling that rearranging the qubits (or quantum bits). Unlike «common» bits, quantum bits, in addition to the standard state 0 and 1 may be in the third state — quantum superposition. Due to this, when increasing the number of qubits the computational power of a quantum system grows exponentially.

IBM plans that service users Experience Quantum will use the capabilities of a quantum computer to develop and debug pre-applications which will run on a large quantum computer IBM Q. now the number of customers IBM Quantum Experience totals more than 40 thousand companies and the number created in the framework of applications has reached more than 275 thousand.



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