How does it work? | Hydroelectric


2017-03-09 16:00:04




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In today's issue of the scientific-educational programs «How does it work?» we talk about hydroelectric power: how it works, record high efficiency, the main advantages and disadvantages. Pleasant viewing!


7 facts about the skin: true or false?

the Skin is the largest human organ, and it needs special care. In society, many common myths about the skin, for example, some people believe that to maintain health you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. But it is, or not? Professor ...

The artists incorrectly depicted the Neanderthals: evidence of their direct bearing

For many years, artists have depicted Neanderthals as hunched creatures, not unlike monkeys. Perhaps, all these illustrations are far from past reality, as researchers from the University of Zurich found several evidences that ancient people were bip...

Scientists haven't found aliens from the mysterious star Tabi

a team of astronomers from the University of California at Berkeley conducted a search of thesignature (traces of advanced technology) the star Tabi (aka KIC 8462852) which shows the unusual sharp change in brightness. According to one hypothesis, th...

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How does it work? | Wind power

In today's issue of the scientific-educational programs «How does it work?» we talk about wind power: how it works, advantages and disadvantages. Pleasant viewing! ...

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