NASA approved the plans for the coming years and got a budget increase


2017-03-09 10:00:05




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Yesterday, the U.S. government approved the bill providing the space Agency NASA a budget of $ 19,508 billion $ 208 million dollars more than the budget for the year 2016. In addition, the government stressed those projects that the Agency must throw all their strength, as well as those which should be abandoned. Curious fact that the bill was passed unanimously, none of the members of Congress voted against increased budget for space research and development.

So, what do you need to concentrate NASA experts to cater to the country's leadership. First, a budget requires the space Agency to do everything possible so that people have been in orbit, and even better – on the surface of Mars in 2030-ies. In the bill a separate paragraph, saying that the current space exploration must start from earth orbit, and then to shift closer to the moon and then go beyond it. Only after NASA will once again be able to conquer the moon, you can think about delivering humans to Mars.

The Bill is printed on 146 pages. But we will stress only the most interesting moments that occur in it. For example, the government demanded that NASA abandoned his venture with the capture and delivery to lunar orbit (or even Earth) large asteroids for their subsequent studies. We remind you that the project Asteroid Redirect Mission was made public back in 2014 and since then, experts from space agencies constantly worked on it. Congress urged NASA to curtail the initiative and throw all the already obtained achievements and resources to develop the project of sending humans to Mars.

Approved a project to send a probe to Europa – one of Jupiter's moons. This space mission excites the minds of scientists for years, and finally she was given the green light. Also require NASA to expand permanent human presence beyond low-earth orbit, but how exactly the Americans want to achieve is not specified. Trial of unmanned rocket launch scheduled for 2018. In 2021, the same ship will transport American astronauts to the moon. NASA also undertakes to develop supersonic and hypersonic for fast transport of people and goods. A separate provision of the bill is the requirement to strengthen the cyber security space Agency.

While the bill has not yet entered into force. For final approval requires the signature of the President of Donald trump, and there is a small probability that he will veto the document. The administration of the new President has repeatedly spoken out against some of the initiatives NASA, for example, required to curtail research in climate change and Earth Science division. Fortunately, the bill no word on the financial support of such studies, so space Agency has a serious chance of success.


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