Breeder from the USA brought out Python print Emoji-Emoji on the body


2017-03-08 21:00:05




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It is known that changes in nature occur constantly: mutations lead to new species and even species, and is influenced by conditions in the external environment living organisms can acquire new properties. But sometimes appeared among features there are, which at first glance are not beneficial to the animal, but extremely funny. And so it was with one of the pythons, the skin of which appeared pattern similar to a smiley face Emoji.

It is Worth saying that, if I may say so, this Python appeared "not exactly". On taking the snake with this color the breeder from USA Justin Filly (Justin Kobylka) it took about 8 years. The patterns on the body of the snake does resemble a smiley face, and their appearance is associated with a number of recessive mutations. This color is unlikely to help a snake in the wild, so such mutations are considered to be extremely rare. As we remember from biology, mutations are both dominant, which suppresses the characteristic value, and recessive, which, on the contrary, are suppressed. The fact that in order to bring the individual with the recessive characteristic value, you need to spend much more time and effort, as all the «strong» characteristics individuals need to get rid of.

To Justin already addressed with the offer to sell Python for 4,5 thousand dollars, but he refused to do it because of the uniqueness of the animal. In addition, some netizens have noted that Emoji on the body of a Python is similar to pumpkin, but the serpent itself would be "the perfect accessory for Halloween."


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