Nintendo Switch helped blind gamers to enjoy video games again


2017-03-08 20:00:06




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History knows many examples when the love some people have for video games was so high that, despite a variety of ailments that hinder the gamers to fully enjoy the virtual adventure motivated them to look for new ways of interaction with the game worlds. But the new Nintendo console Switch has been shown to be one, if I may say so, an undocumented feature: in some games it can be played by people deprived of the ability to see.

The complex history of one of these gamers, Richie Marone, began when he was 23 years old. At this age he was diagnosed with "diabetic retinopathy" as a complication of diabetes mellitus type 1. Diabetic retinopathy is developing, can cause deterioration and loss of vision that happened to a young guy. Despite this, they with his wife Mandy continued to lead an active lifestyle: traveling, visit cinemas and concerts, but about sharing video games the pair had forgotten.

But with the release of Nintendo Switch spouses were able to enjoy watching the fun. The fact that the console controllers, referred to as Joy-Con AMI, built a very interesting technology called HD Rumble, allowing you to feel not just "buzzing" vibration motor, and to capture the different character and strength of vibration. For Nintendo Switch there's even a game in which you need, relying on hearing and tactile sensation of the controller, to determine how many balls (of course, not real, is an illusion created by the game) "rolls" inside the joystick. In General, these are the games from the kit 1-2 Switch helped the pair to play video games together, despite the blindness of one of the spouses. Says Mandy,

"Favorite game now — it is a Quick Draw (something like a simulator duels in the Wild West). Richie managed to defeat me several times because he feels the vibration and knows these games. We also like to play in the Boxing Gym, Safe Crack and Ping Pong".

Recall that Nintendo Switch came out recently, on March 3, 2017, and has already managed to collect as a lot of positive reviews and many negative. Our opinion and a full review on the device will appear on the site in the near future.


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