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The company iBasso decided to prepare for the release as it should, providing it the most important — decent headphones. Of course, IT03 (such index has received these IEM) released earlier than the player, but the way they are well combined, leave no doubt in their adjustment to each other.

IBasso not to invent some sverhtermicheskoy technologies and to give something unprecedented, they took the standard pattern traindriver hybrids and qualitatively implement it. Speaker is responsible for the WOOFER, and two drivers with balanced armature, is connected via a three-band crossover, provide the other frequencies. Headphone made «ergonomic» the building, reminiscent of custom models and provided them with the removable wires.

The price Tag for this model put the weighted average is not the most affordable headphones, call them budget language does not turn, but in the medium to top segment of the iBasso climb steel IT03 cheaper than similar offers from other players.



  • Beam: dynamic, 9.2 mm + 2 × balanced armature
  • the
  • frequency Range: 10 Hz – 30 kHz
  • the
  • Sensitivity: 105±2 dB
  • the
  • Impedance: 8
  • the
  • Noise reduction: -30 dB
  • the
  • rated capacity: 5mW
  • the
  • Total harmonic distortion: <1% @ 1 kHz, 1MW
  • the
  • Cable: with detachable MMCX connectors, 1.2 m
  • the
  • Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated TRS
  • the
  • Weight: 9 g without cable

Packing and delivery

The company tried to approximate the perception of the model to the level of premium solutions and that is commendable, they have made it pretty well. Packing all pretty obvious: outer jacket, tight box made of black cardboard inside, top headphones under them — quality leather case with sets of nozzles inside. The last three sets, 3 pairs of each, plus another pair immediately headphones. Nozzles vary in shape and material, which is not surprising, as the IT03 is critical to the fit.

Separately, I want to say thank you for the fact that the accessories do not have to invest different «useful» things like «air» the adapter and the pins for attaching the cable to clothing.

Of Course, I would like to find in the box still balanced cable, but then the company decided to go the other way, they released a hybrid conductor 2.5 mm TRRS connector, in General — dream of any audiophile for 1/3 of the price of the headphones. However, in defense of the iBasso can be noted that they appreciated your wire is much cheaper than most of its competitors.


Design and usability

Design is a major stumbling block for this model. No, iBasso IT03 looks great – the glossy black plastic looks remarkably «expensive». The main problem with these headphones is the case. The developers gave the headphones an ergonomic shape «under custome» with a projection on the inner side. According to their plan, the tab should rest against the inner side of the ear, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Most often what happens, but there is a minority whose auricle because of the shape or size incompatible with these headphones, and in this case IT03 will not sit in the ears at all. I, fortunately, was among the lucky ones, for me these headphones are comfortable and convenient, but the employee they came up at all, but to call it of the ear can not be smaller. So to try IT03 worth, almost certainly they will suit you, but be «minority» in this case, that would be unfortunate.

In addition, these headphones are quite critical to fit, or rather, all headphones require a good landing, but this model because of the room it becomes an even more important factor, but it's about planting in the following section.

Soundproofing — below average, noisy transport to enjoy the sound of these headphones is unlikely to come. Wearing comfort — prohibitive, of course, if you «appropriate» ears.

A Wire of this model is replaceable, it uses MMCX connectors. «Cool» wire offer to buy separately, and complete — the most common cable in black silicone insulation. It is quite soft, easily untangled and not too hard in the cold, there are areas of memory foam that form the ear pieces. That's funny, the block splitter was designed using a conventional shrinking, but the control slider is available. Plug — angular and fairly large, which makes it a little pocket. But in General, for this price — wire normal.



To listen To the following equipment was used.

  • and the role of the DAC and amplifier
  • the
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • the
  • the role player
  • the
  • , and the role of portable players
  • the
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

IBasso Themselves are traditionally advised to warm up my headphones 200 hours (they're generally fans of long warm-UPS), but I was limited to 96 hours, although the change in sound was only the beginning.

IT03 — very critical to the fit, so you will almost certainly have trouble with the attachments, choosing the best sounding. I, for example, the best sound with these headphones is obtained when not the deepest fit, which is strange, because usually the situation is just the opposite. Then have the headphones from his ears a little to pull to achieve the optimal amount of bass.

In General, the flow IT03 happened in «signature style» iBasso neutral, technical and embellished. Needless to say that their DX200 they appear almost perfectly?

The Bass in this model is surprisingly deep and dense, but are quantitatively accentuated. In General, the company's engineers have managed to create a headphone with a very linear frequency response, without noticeable irregularities (not hence and neutrality of this model?). It is on IT03 understand what was conceived hybrid technology, the bass here have a good weight, density and impact. There is no dryness and lightness of pure reinforcement solutions, as a speaker, devoid of the need to work on MF/HF, shows a very good resolution and is working on textures. Importantly, in discovering the model is to find the source of the receding deep bass.

Mid-frequency range are made in the best traditions of «right» reinforcement of sound: maximum detail, but maintaining an adequate musicality. Headphones fast, with excellent micro-contrast and transmission of the nuances of the track, their sound has a pleasant clarity but without harshness, often due to emphasis on VSC. This is also a drawback of this model is on the bad recordings they sound bored and clearly show all flaws. An imaginary scene — wide, slightly less than the maximum, depth — average, but with good separation plans. Due to the high detail these headphones well convey the nature of the room where there was music, of course, if the entry is of sufficient quality. Tools are transferred very reliable, their dimensions are close to natural.

RF — the only thing the developers iBasso compromise. In order to avoid harshness of sound and quite outrageous picky to the quality of the recording, the frequency response of the headphones has a distinct blockage above 5 kHz. Yes, of course it solves many problems like excessive emphasis on the region of sibilant and unnatural sounding poorly kept tracks, but it also deprives bass headphone «counterbalance», so on a good tracks model lacks a bit of airiness and lightness. However, as badly recorded music more clearly, the compromise looks reasonable enough.

Probably will not do this review without comparisons. Of course, you can compare «all all» I can't, so only a handful of models that were on hand. Of course, I do not take into account price, form factor and other, not sound related features.

Dunu DN-2000J. Bright (pardon the pun) example of what could happen with IT03 no decline in HF. In Dunu decided to make headphones without the suppression of the upper range, the result is the Japanese version of the DN-2000 is very picky about recording quality. On good tracks the long and detailed RF models provide an excellent sense of realism, play a complex attenuation and so on. On recordings with low quality — there is a sharpness and flaws in the recording. For midrange headphones sound almost like twins, and the bass Dunu play a little less deep but faster in speed.

Dunu DN-2002. These headphones I think is one of the leaders of the segment in the universal IEM housing. Carefully calibrated frequency response allows «two thousand second» play is very realistic and musical, and the use of two dynamic and two of the reinforcing emitters gives excellent control in all frequencies. When compared with IT03, NCH hybrids from iBasso play deeper and drier, while the Dunu offer more physicality at the expense of slower attenuation. CQ Dunu have better work emotions and build depth, and at RF this model is something of a cross between IT03 and DN-2000J.

MEEAudio Pinnacle P1. Suddenly arisen on the horizon star audiophile sound using just one speaker and a cunning resonator to build HF. As a result, it produces a little less speed and less biting bass (IT03 relatively, of course), smoother midrange and unusual vernacularly range, unlike other models. In General, headphones for fans of light flow without compromising the other frequencies.

Oriveti Primacy. I haven't heard the new version of this model, but the old one was very good. Very neat hybrids with a little dark star...


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