Created the world's first embryo without the use of eggs and sperm


2017-03-08 17:00:05




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The Team of biologists from Cambridge managed to create the first in the history of science , without resorting to the use of eggs and sperm. To achieve this was through the cultivation of embryo stem cells directly in the Petri dish for microscopic 3D frame from the gel. Details of the creation of the first embryo from stem cells was published in the March issue of the journal .

The Creation of such is a real breakthrough for the world of science, experts say. For example, in the distant future, such technology may be able to solve problems of infertile families, when scientists will create a child in vitro from cells of both parents. Until, of course, the researchers are in the early stages of exploring your own discoveries, trying to improve it and to consolidate the results. Previously, the creation of embryos in the laboratory has been able to produce no sperm, but still had to use the egg (for example, as in the case of Dolly the sheep) for the introduction of cloned DNA. Now you don't even need the egg.

A Team of researchers from Cambridge have used embryonic stem cells of laboratory mice, is able in the end to become absolutely any cell of the body, and then raised them parallel with the stem cells of the trophoblast (the cells that make up placenta). After the cells were grown, they were placed in a special gel matrix, where they mixed together and began to form an embryo. Four days later the resulting embryo is already resembled a real mouse embryos. Not necessarily that this technology will be used to create artificial organisms. Such an embryo in a Petri dish is able to reveal to scientists many secrets about the origin of life that in the future will improve our medicine.


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