China is considering launching space vehicles with aircraft


2017-03-08 15:00:04




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China news Agency China Daily that China is studying the feasibility of air launch for small spacecraft. Using aircraft is planned to launch rockets, which, in turn, will orbit Earth satellites.

The idea is not new — in the 70-ies of the last century this technology has been considered by the USA and the USSR, but due to various technical problems and has not received wide distribution. That such research and development are in China, did Tongyu, head of the missile unit of the Chinese Academy of rocketry.

As a launch pad you intend to use strategic aircraft Y-20 or similar for the transport, manufacturing and the supply of which began last summer. The capacity of this aircraft is 66 tons, so in theory to take on Board as cargo solid fuel booster, he is quite capable. If the project goes ahead, it will help when you start to do without a spaceport and significantly reduce the time required to prepare the launch.


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