Russian scientists have developed a new technology to detect chromosomal instability


2017-03-07 15:00:05




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As the press service of the far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), one of the graduate students of this educational institution Nikolay Goncharov together with a group of employees of the National Institute of health, USA has created a test system to determine chromosomal instability in the brand new type.

The group of researchers is based on the fact that all human cells have a certain set of chromosomes, the violation of which for some reason leads to various diseases. For example, cancer cells have a highly unstable set of chromosomes, i.e. genes, mutations occur, which lead to chromosomal losses. The new test system is a line of human cancer cells, where the built the artificial chromosome, marked with a green fluorescent protein that is highlighting cells with an extra chromosome. When exposed to this cell line with something that causes chromosomal instability, for example, anticancer drug, after some time cells lose their glow. And due to the fact that the artificial chromosome is unstable, it is lost first. The possibilities of the new method allow it to be used, for example, to test the effects of anticancer drugs or to find and test new medicines. But, according to Nikolay Goncharov, there is another way:

«using system it is possible to look for genes that are important for mitosis — cell division. This process is controlled by a huge number of genes, and in humans they have been less studied than, for example, bread yeast. In yeast they are known 642, and a man only 200. They can not be less than that of yeast, and so the others must be sought. We conducted such a search and already found in the human genome orthology of yeast genes whose function in human cells is not defined. Now using a test system we found genes turn off and tracked the loss of chromosomes. If the cell loses the green signal, thus disabling the gene causes chromosome instability».

Scientific proof of viability of new developments were obtained in the Laboratory of biomedical cell technologies, School of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University, and according to the press service,

«artificial chromosome work in the world, only five laboratories. Her many years designed by Russian scientists who now work at the National cancer Institute, National institutes of health, USA Vladimir Larionov and Natalia Kuprin. It was under their early post-graduate student of the University has already had three long-term internships, during which they appeared promising cellular technology».

According to RIA «news»


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