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In the era of "posttrade" it is believed that what we love, what they believe and what they want — all this is imposed on us from outside. PR people, marketers, spin doctors, advertisers — all of these people relentlessly try to impose the agenda they need to achieve their selfish goals. However, what's important is not the grain that they were able to lose a in our brain, and that from that seed sprouted. Former lead programmer for Google and the Creator of the digital assistant Alexa Amazon has developed a tool that will allow you to obtain the most precise data about what really think and feel millions of users around the world. And there is no doubt that for these data in the coming years will be the fiercest fight.

The Service developed by former Google employee flint barrow and expert in the field of artificial intelligence Ashwin RAM, is a website where any user can ask other participants for their opinion on a particular question and immediately get a large number of responses. It can be a regular movie fan who's wondering whether he's the one who does not agree with the decision of the Academy on the award "Oscar" film "Moonlight". But it can also be the founder of a startup who would like at a very early stage to understand whether his invention to the people.

The Development can be viewed as an analogue of Tripadvisor, where evaluation are not hotels, and a rich variety of relevant and not very topics. And evaluation here offered to stake on a five-point system, from 0 to 100, which will allow survey authors to obtain more accurate information about public attitudes toward a particular issue.

In addition, in contrast to the same Reddit, which is also referred to as the closest analogue, in Qutee.com none of the reviews will not remain without attention, and each cast a vote will be a brick in the building, which will form a giant array of big data.

Public figures are increasingly beginning to understand that likes and reposts — is not the most effective indicator of the popularity of a particular topic to the public. Many famous bloggers among which the Shmee150, MarzBar, PhyLol, FoxdropLol, and others, are actively using Qutee and redirect users to this service in order to understand more clearly what people need and what they can be interested in. Such enhanced feedback functionality is a much more effective tool to deliver their content to the public.

How does this work in practice? Imagine that you are the owner of Vkontakte, which strives to promote your group. Promotion in social networks, information overload, — it is a complex and delicate task that requires understanding not only current trends but also attitudes of the masses. Before you touch a certain subject, you will be able to go to analysts Qutee and get acquainted with how it is perceived by users, and with reference to geography and time. This will allow you to decide on which topics they should focus, and what better not to touch.

The Ideologist of the project is Richard Wilson, who has spent his life engaged in the gambling business: development and supply of slot games to an online casino. For the technical part are responsible Ashwin RAM — the famous expert in the field of artificial intelligence and flint barrow — former lead programmer of Google.

Currently Qutee.com operates in a mode of beta testing, full launch of the English version of the platform is planned to be implemented in the spring of this year. The plans of the developers to localize the system for all popular languages, including Russian. The creators claim that one of the priority tasks is to attract not only individuals, but also representatives of the corporate environment. Obviously, if the service will be the mass, the received data will be a valuable asset that will benefit corporations, social service and various NGOs working with public opinion.

The Victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in USA was a surprise to many, especially when you consider what publicly demonstrated their loyalty to Hillary Clinton, various celebrities and political activities. However, the expert brad Parscale actively conducted online surveys with subsequent deep analysis of the data, even before publication of the results was almost convinced that the team of Republican candidate that has made a special rate on digital is much more likely to win.

System Qutee, which not only gets the relevant and important information, but also analyzes it and automatically learns, soon will be able to effectively predict the market conditions that should produce a real revolution in the perception and dissemination of information. The start has already happened, and soon, with the introduction of the full version, we will be able to see all of the features of the platform and its real impact on a global audience and the business environment.


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