Nanospace – a game about aliens and chemistry from the national developer


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In a very interesting time we live. If early video games could create very large companies and studios, with the development of computer technology, we are increasingly confronted with a real masterpiece developed by tiny teams of talented people, United by the idea. One such game – an unusual 3D platformer Nanospace from Russian designer Mikhail Menzelintsev. Not only that, the plot revolves around the invasion by microscopic aliens on Earth, so also the interaction between these aliens is based on the real principles of General chemistry.

So, as I mentioned above, along with a meteorite fall to Earth with alien spores. After millions of years one of the surviving spores are activated, causing the three tiny biomechanical creatures called developers "nano-Mita". They all have different abilities, but they are all a single organism that dwells symbiotically. Nano-Mita are able to collect, digest and transform , and is based on what the core game mechanics Nanospace. Alien organisms have to survive in difficult ground conditions, and prepare the planet for later other aliens.

At first glance, the game is a 3D platformer with elements of real-time strategy where the player will control three nano-mitami within confined locations, solve riddles, fight hostile terrestrial organisms, as well as to collect bonuses. Nano-mit Tracker is able to fly, take samples of substances for the presence of required elements, in which case leaving marks, and also warns the player of danger. The second nano-mit Harvester, as the name implies, is engaged in mining of minerals and organic substances and their transport. Marks left Tracker, help. quickly find your items. The extracted minerals are placed in a cocoon, in which they accumulate and mutate. The latest nano-mit Sentinel – a born hunter and warrior. It protects other members of the group, and synthesizes the various reinforcing and toxic chemical compounds.

In Other words, we have a very stylish and unusual game in which the player Willy-nilly tighten their knowledge in the field of chemistry, as well as hone your skills as a strategist. The fact of the matter is you have to synthesize a variety of antibiotics, toxins, enzymes and more. Constantly switching between the three characters, you will need to achieve objectives to pass the current level, and for that you need to master the skills of Trinity nano-Mitov and learn to use them for the benefit of the entire group. At the moment the game Nanospace is a member of the program , and if players fancy the idea of the project will appeal, developers will be able to distribute it through the store, Gabe Newell. In addition, in the future the developer promises to us also a version for the PlayStation 4. Let's wish good luck to our compatriot in his endeavors and hope that Nanospace will be available in the near future.


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