"Smart" urn makes the disposal of garbage in the game


2017-03-05 13:30:04




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The Problem of waste disposal is acute in big cities. Look at the dirty streets nobody likes, but they are still not very clean. The fact is that some people throw their garbage on the sidewalk, not finding a trash can, or just too lazy to bring the waste to the ballot box. To get people to get serious about this problem and do not dilute the dirt on the streets, in the company's SENCITY decided to inspire people using video games and created a special urn tetraBIN which rewards honest and clean citizens.

The Trash is wrapped tetraBIN LCD display, which you can see flying mouse and hungry dogs who beg to feed them. When someone throws in the trash the trash fires inside a sensitive membrane that responds to a fallen tank in the subject. After that dogs for lunch appear delicious chicken drumsticks.

Thrown in the trash debris «players» get unique promotional codes that you can register on the website of the manufacturer of the boxes to get something useful, including these gifts that can be sent by mail.

Boxes tetraBIN — one of the development team, part of startup accelerator Urban-X from Brooklyn. The purpose of the organization — the creation and development funding for «smart» city. Yes, stay with free Wi-Fi and charging stations for smartphones are also needed, but the boxes with video games to look at their background much more useful.


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