In Japan invented a multilayer electronic tattoo


2017-03-04 07:30:04




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Due to high technology, tattoos can turn from a conventional decoration in a functional and necessary device. Of course, the usual tattoo will remain, but the electronic tattoo can become a kind of components of various electronic gadgets. In Japanese Waseda University have created a new method of tattooing that is capable of conducting electricity.

The tattoo Itself is made of very thin films, whose thickness does not exceed 750 nm, and the wiring for such a tattoo is printed using a conventional inkjet printer. Thanks to the minimal film thickness, it is possible to manufacture the multi-layered charge, placing on it the LEDs, resistors and other components.

Developers have reported that due to the simple technology of making these tattoos can be printed at home at room temperature, using an ordinary inkjet printer. The layers are well bonded to each other and to the skin. To sterilize the surface and the room is not required. These «tattoo» can be useful for monitoring parameters of the body, communicate with other wearable gadgets and even wireless Internet access.

High-Tech tattoo was created by scientists before. Last year, MIT and Microsoft e-body pattern, which you can use to manage your smartphone. But the French engineers robot tattoo artist capable of doing the tattoo in the sketch of the customer.


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