Robot Minitaur learned to prance through the mud and ice


2017-03-03 20:00:05




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Remember the glorious Minitaur, created by engineers from Robotics Ghost? that rides nice, climbs the fence and behaves as a small but nimble Dachshund? While we didn't see him, the developers have taught him new tricks. The Americans have really improved their a little robot. Now his limbs with a direct drive, not even driving around on ice and grass. The results of your work guys published on YouTube channel.

They managed to get footage of their ward at an angle of 30 degree climbs the slope, overgrown with grass, shows how the robot behaves when meeting with a high curb and the way he holds the balance on slippery surfaces covered by ice.

Recall that Minitaur already shown to the public last year. Since then the robot has not changed. He weighs six pounds, runs at a speed of two meters per second, and its battery lasts about 20 minutes.

For the pleasure of the developers asking only $ 1,500.


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