Chinese carrier rocket of new generation "Changzheng-7 Y2" tested


2017-03-03 16:45:05




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In Hainan province located in southern China, conducted a technical inspection of the «Changzheng-7 Y2», of the carrier rocket of new generation. With it in April of 2017 plan to bring into space cargo ship «Tanjo-1». That technical assessment of the rocket is successful, the Chinese news Agency «Xinhua» said Bao Weimin, head of the Committee on scientific and technical questions of the Chinese Association of space technology.

In an interview with reporters, he stressed that the development of a series of missiles «Changzheng-7» allowed China to improve the ability to go into space, and the new missile «Changzheng-7 Y2» will be able to contribute to the development of the Chinese space program.

Recall that China is going to build own space station in Earth orbit. Now there is the first research module, which has already visited the astronauts and conducted various experiments.
The ship «Tanjo-1» — first, the spacecraft independently created by the Chinese specialists. It is planned that with its help the space station will deliver the goods and be refueled in space. After the spacecraft and rocket are rolled, they are going to use to prepare for the deployment of the orbital piloted station, which is scheduled to be completed by 2022.


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