Nanoparticles of urea and citric acid will help in the fight against dangerous diseases


2017-03-03 09:00:05




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According to the publication, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, the team of scientists from Russia and Ukraine managed to create a harmless nanoparticles on the basis of urea and citric acid, which when introduced into the human organism «highlight» different organs and tissues. This approach can be used in the diagnosis of diseases and targeted drug delivery.

The Development was called «Y-point», which are small nanoparticles consisting of carbon atoms and having unusual physical properties. They have the property of luminescence and capable of «glow» in the living body when illuminated with ultraviolet light. Moreover, they can be made to glow in different colors. Consist «Y-point» of the most common and cheap components of the citric acid and urea. To obtain them you need to melt the urea, to enter the citric acid at a temperature of 120-200 degrees Celsius and put the mixture to dry. During the experiments it was found out that nanolacke easily penetrate into the cells and does not cause irritation and negative effects even with prolonged stay inside. According to the authors research,

«Thanks «.» such points can be used to highlight different organs or even other nanoparticles, the movement of which the body and cells can be observed, «shelling» their UV rays. This technology has allowed us to follow the work of several types of «nanocontainers» for medications, and discover that not all of them are well penetrate into the cells».


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