American startup has developed a 3D printer for printing pizzas


2017-03-02 21:00:04




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The Company BeeHex from Ohio to deal with the issue of 3D printers, capable of printing pizza. They have already found investors who gave them $ 1 million to start the production of devices. The 3D printer is called Chef and knows how to make pizza at the client's request with a certain pattern or picture. In addition, the device conforms to the composition of the product, so it can cook a pizza without gluten.

A Startup is planning to develop interest of a large chain of pizzerias, so the head BeeHex quite optimistic. According to him, many owners of cafes and restaurants want to offer our clients personalized food but don't want to engage in costly training of staff, and the food is made to order, often costing the customer significantly more expensive than usual.

Chef 3D Printer will help to reduce production costs and reduce the cost of training personnel, because the production «printed» food will occur in almost fully automatic mode.

Apparently, the beginning of sales of unusual printer in the offing, but the exact date the company has not called.


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