Russian scientists have developed unique technology to create artificial blood vessels


2017-03-02 17:00:04




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According to the Agency «RIA» with reference to the press service of the Novosibirsk state University (NSU), Novosibirsk a large group of scientists, including experts from the Institute of Cytology and genetics, Siberian branch RAS and Novosibirsk state University, has developed innovative technology to create artificial blood vessels based on the cell structure of the human myocardium. According to the creators, this development will reduce the risk of inflammation, thrombosis and other complications in patients in need of transplants.

Development, which is supported by the Russian Foundation for basic research, based on the settlement of membranes made of polycaprolactone cells of the myocardium, a fence which is produced during the operation. The fence material can be made separately during a small surgery and any other surgery. At the moment, the technology has been successfully tested on rodents. The approach of using cells of the patient has a number of advantages: the fact that the synthetic materials used in vascular surgery have a number of physical disabilities, and the use of vessels of the patient is often not possible for medical reasons. With regard to the technology «production», that, on assurances of one of the participants of the project Anna Smirnova

«For the development we used lining the blood vessels and creates vascular tone cells taken from postoperative material of myocardium of man. The colonization of vascular prostheses these cells will increase the lifespan of the transplant. We assume that the new technology will reduce the risk of inflammation, thrombosis and immunopathological processes that lead to the re-deficit of blood circulation».


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