Hyperloop can appear in India


2017-03-01 20:00:04




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The Company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has previously consulted with the state commissions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates and discussed the construction of a new transport system on the territory of these countries, and now, it seems, to develop a plan for the construction of similar lines in India.

The President of the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Bebop's great is reported that the first Hyperloop line may begin to operate in India in three years. The development of the project, he said, has long been completed. Have all the necessary documents and money. To begin construction requires only the land allotted for the construction. To start the discussion with the Indian authorities, the HTT had planned last fall, but for various reasons postponed the meeting at the beginning of spring.

It is not very clear whether to begin construction in the near future or everything will remain at the level of preliminary arrangements, but it is known that the construction of its transportation system in India planned to do and competitors HTT One of the Hyperloop. So there is a chance that without the «hyperloop» the Indians will not remain.


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